On a night of San Juan what we most want is to sit around a fire. We bring ideas to enjoy this element in large gardens or in small spaces. No need to leave home to enjoy tonight, if we can prepare a garden party to celebrate a real Night of San Juan, decorating it as it deserves. Decorate the outside with a fireplace will give that magical air and also provide a welcome to our meeting light, plus a little heat, because although at this time have already raised temperatures as it passes the night may need some coat.

Outdoor fireplaces are fires

Fire is the protagonist in the garden or the terrace the night of San Juan. It symbolizes purification and some people fail to burn this June 23 the list of negative things you want to remove from your life. If you want to avoid wood fires at home, the best solution is to use outdoor fireplaces. Generally these stoves are operated flame and gas or bio-alcohol and there are a variety of very beautiful designs in decoration. With fire you get to create a very romantic and appealing atmosphere. The old stories told by a fire are always more enjoyable and entertaining. Fire is the main guest tonight on June 23, his magic gets to be one of the funniest of the year to meet with all our friends and family, dine delicious food and, of course, skip the fire to get rid of bad spirits. A simple calls us brings peace and tranquility, loneliness dims and the relationship with others becomes more warm and communicative. For meetings in the garden, a stove burning with flames dancing at the mercy of the night breeze enliven any gathering of friends. Both industrial and interior designers have worked through the issue of decorative stoves and the range of possibilities is immense. No solution for any circumstance, it is only a matter of searching and comparing.

Other options in decor

If you do not have outdoor fireplace in your feast of St. John at home can not miss the candles placed on your terrace, garden or balcony, you can put torches, candleholders decorative glass jars hanging from trees with candles inside, small foci light magic filled the place and create a special landscaping. A small fire torches around the garden, will serve as lamps illuminate. Another way is to hang glass jars filled with sand with a candle inside in the trees we have in the garden or place them on the floor to also illuminate strategic points.