At the moment the decoration has no limits and this impels to leave of the known and conventional, to point to more innovative options. This fits both inside a home and the design of its outer space, which is often relegated. Landscaping has evolved a lot, it is no longer necessary to have a wide area to enjoy a green and leafy garden, full of life and flowers. In the keys to a vertical garden no matter the square meters with which you count, it is totally possible to take some nature to your backyard, porch, terrace or the facade of your home.


If the exterior architecture of your home needs renovation, perhaps a vertical garden is an alternative. For example, for gardens with walls, without perimeter hedges, is a very convenient solution. In these exterior walls different types of plants and flowers can be combined. But this kind of garden design is very versatile, so it can be easily adapted to penthouses with terraces and even a balcony. In the first case, depending on the space you can opt for planters next to a green wall covered with flowers. Secondly, assuming you want a cozy green corner on your balcony, there are many options, you can completely cover green and floral colors a wall, plant different plants in a modern structure of small pendant modules or even make the railing a mini garden is possible, using climbing plants and hanging.


Not only the exterior of your home can benefit from this option, having an interior patio is completely possible with plants and the right design. As with the above alternatives, a vertical garden can be installed both over a wide space and not more than 2 meters. For an interior garden there are different design options, to cover a space with a wooden panel in the form of blind with different plants, to divide an environment with a wall built only for nature or even a structure in the form of aerial planters is an alternative. The important thing in any case, whether inside or outside your home, is the structure, support, irrigation of the plants, supplying adequate nutrients and an optimal supply and collection of water. Of course, all this is contemplated within any landscape project. Gardening can be part of the decoration and this option offers a very modern, innovative, personalized and also ecological aesthetic vision that allows to have a little green in the homes, especially in the cities.