Do not fall into the bad habit of thinking that terraces, porches or even gardens are places of the home that can only be enjoyed while there is sun, during the summer or spring. Once the fall leaves begin and the rich winter cold begins, you do not have to take refuge in your home. Unlike! It is an ideal time bring life to your terrace, gather your friends and family on your terrace and enjoy the holidays. If you have a porch, you will know that the most common is that during hot weather let the air circulate freely throughout the place, to refresh. But what do we do when the temperature change affects us? There are alternatives of landscaping so that you can take advantage of your exteriors during the winter without losing your style or freeze in the attempt.

Winter porches

The glazed porches, besides having an elegant and very modern design, are perfect to protect you from all external annoyances and inclement weather such as cold, snow, rain and even noise. If you place panoramic glass windows, your porch will be even more functional, since when you close them you will keep the heat in times of cold, and in the summer you can open them long and long for the breeze to enter with confidence. Wooden blinds and roller blinds are other methods of landscaping that allow you to close the exterior spaces for your greater protection and comfort. These are a little more rustic, but just as beautiful as the glassed-in porches. By using them, you will create a perfect place to share or eat with your loved ones, and in times of heat you can also protect them from the sun.

Resistant plants

You already have your porch ready, but a garden is not complete without the right plants. And when we say adequate, we do not refer to specific sizes and colors, but plants and flowers resistant to cold and even last until the beginning of spring. We know that there are a lot of flowers and that it can be difficult to know which to choose, so we will tell you the best flowers for the winter season. Flowers such as cyclamen, hyacinths, thoughts, begonias, daffodils, primroses, daisy and Easter flowers; In addition to shrubs such as camellias, witch hazel and Japanese quince trees just some of the options that will not only be part of the decoration of your terrace, but also bring beauty and an exquisite aroma to your open spaces. The terraces and porches should not be reserved only when the weather is good, we want terraces all year around, the options are many and can make elegant, minimalist and current spaces.