Today illuminate the garden or terrace is the most important factor to consider in architecture and design tool. It is a source of illumination, inspiration and meaning. The increasing popularity of landscape allows us to increasingly give much attention to the exterior spaces as the interior. With both approach and design it is essential to ensure illuminate the space that can be admired and enjoyed not only day but also at night. For that you only need a few ideas to illuminate the garden in the best way.

Lights for use

First, you must identify well the different areas that you want to illuminate depending on the use they will have and accordingly play with the lights illuminating different spaces to separate good shape. The stairs in front of the entrances of the houses are safer when there are lights that highlight the steps and edges. The most suitable option glare lights are installed at low altitude, because otherwise the light itself becomes a source of danger. You can also put motion sensors that reduce consumption and increase security of intruders. The paths in your garden are ideal to place beacons with LED lights instead. This light contour helps guide the user. The result is aesthetically very elegant and if you have pre-wired, you can place beacons solar power, they are loaded during the day and turn on automatically at night.

Decorative lights

Many outdoor lighting techniques come from the theater, which seeks to create atmosphere, composing funds for artists or reaffirming the character of any of these in particular, altering the perception of time and / or stations. For example for lighting elements such as trees, rocks or interesting sculptures illuminated from below. It produces light or glow in the garden. As there is a natural way to light produces a slightly artificial effect that requires some attention or also cross lighting: to illuminate certain object from two different points and to display greater richness of detail (usually with large and diffuse sources). If what we want is a, ideal for illuminating surfaces, a stone wall, structures texture effect. For that use backlight, a distant light from the object to illuminate but pointing to it. This light adds a “backdrop” to the garden, illuminating a background or a part of this and are effective for viewing from inside the house. To make the garden seem larger than it is used lighting perspective. this effect faintly illuminating the site where the garden is achieved.