Christmas is present in every corner of the city: shopping centers, schools, avenues, your home … And if you live in a house with a large and beautiful garden, why not bring all that Christmas decoration to the outside where do you live? With these landscaping tips on how to decorate your garden at Christmas, allow your neighbors, friends and family to see, from before entering your home, that the spirit of these holidays has arrived in the form of decoration.

Perfect decoration

As we can see in the most famous Christmas films, one of the most beautiful ways to decorate your garden is to place lights. You can decorate with lanterns or figures illuminated like reindeer. Install an extension of lights on the outside of your home, either on the entrance door decoration, windows or columns facing your terrace, if it is in the back of your home. As for the style and design of lights, you decide: they can be colorful if you have children or more sober if you live alone and you look for a little more elegance. All you need are electrical outlets. If the garden faces the front of the house, you can get creative and light the path of the entrance and fences, or even put the lights on your trees and your shrubs; Which leads us to talk about how to decorate your garden with flowers and plants of the season.

Christmas garden

If you are lucky enough to have a natural pine in your garden, why not set up your Christmas tree outside your home? You can put decorations and lights that are resistant to rain and snow, so take out all those boxes that you have in the attic and check well with what decor counts. A decorated Christmas tree in your garden will make your home look more beautiful than ever, and it will also give you that festive touch that very few achieve. You can also plant a few months earlier or simply place in a few flowerpots Easter flowers and decorate with mistletoe the door that goes to your garden. These two types of flowers are very Christmas, their shades of red and green combine very well, and also have their story inside the celebration of Christmas. Remember that any remodeling or gardening that you want to do to your garden, it is best to do it before decorating your home with Christmas motifs. Thus you will receive the new year with your house remodeled and decorated. And if a little snow falls, do not forget to make a doll in the garden.