Christmas has arrived and with it all the trends of style to achieve a beautiful and harmonious decoration in your home. Both interior and exterior should be dressed for the occasion, and it is not enough to dust off the previous decoration that you keep in the attic.

With the help of our team of landscapers and gardeners we have compiled some of the most beautiful designs and ideas to decorate the entrance of house and make it an extension of the decoration you have inside.

Trend colors

Christmas is characterized by two colors, green and red, additional to them the golden and white are always present, but this time the silver tones in combination with the previous ones, even with the gold in their right measure are something very used , Both indoors and outdoors as a balcony, terrace, garden decoration and of course, as a focal point at the entrance of a house.

The natural also comes into play when we talk about Christmas decoration and more for outdoor. Decorating with silvery, earthy colors in combination with white as well as employing garden elements and nature like tree branches, perhaps the traditional mistletoe or pine branches instead of artificial garlands, are perfect alternatives for the season.

The perfect decor

After knowing the colors and elements most used, it is time to start with the decoration of the door and the entrance. The first thing is that the decoration should be in accordance with the exterior architecture of your home, if you have an elegant portal with crystals and modern style, using a garland illuminated by the outline of the frame with specific details to give it color is a perfect choice, or perhaps To place at the sides of the door a small bush illuminated and decorated with festive colors.

If the entrance to your home has separate columns, a classic decoration is to wrap garlands in them, which can have lights, balls and ties depending on how festive you want the decoration. And if you also have a staircase, you can place on each step lamps that will give lighting and a unique and stylish decorative element.

Something that can not be missing are the Christmas wreaths, there are different sizes and styles, they can be natural or artificial, but the important thing is that they go according to the rest of the decoration. They can be decorated with balls, pine nuts, bows and even with a Merry Christmas message. In addition, there is something that is being used a lot, use a crown on the front door and a few more simple on the windows, so as not to leave any space outside.

Of course, when planning the decoration take into account the design of gardens is especially important to be able to integrate landscaping and achieve a harmonious whole. This is what we are looking for, a decoration that integrates the style of housing, the garden and your personality.