If you are considering changing the furniture in your terrace or garden to enjoy the good weather we recommend that you consider some tips that will help you succeed insurance.

What furniture?

First we have to see what kind of furniture we have inside our home, it is important that the furniture inside and outside combined, this is one of the aspects that is often forgotten in most homes. Once we know the style of the furniture inside, we will know how to harmonize new garden furniture or terrace. The next thing we have to consider is the available space. It is important to buy furniture thinking of taking the most of the site you have. Not the same to have a small porch where we have to play masterfully with the available spaces. If you have the space to spare, because then the options are endless choice of furniture.

The ideal material

The big problem with these is that the furniture spend most of the time outdoors exposed to weather factors and especially the sun, it is normal to deteriorate easily. It is very important to consider not only the design and layout you want, but also the type of materials they are made, because it will depend on the furniture last longer or less. As for the ideal materials for your furniture we recommend wood, resin or synthetic fiber. Furniture resin and synthetic fiber have been the last to make its appearance in the world of outdoor furniture. The quality is good and above all offer very good resistance to weathering. Maintenance is easy and not expensive. If you are more classic and prefer wood, you have to consider what kind of looking wood. The best type of wood for garden furniture is teak. Maintenance is relatively simple, you just need to clean them every so often and give them some special oil to protect the wood and revive the color.