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Plants of bulbs, a reserve of life.

One of the things that most impress and although I have seen many times, still surprises me, is to walk in winter the days near the end of the year by the fields of the subbética in Cordoba. A terrain in summer, only inhabited by millions of olive trees whose only soil is seen, some grass devastated by the strong sun, this sun that dora the olives until becoming one of the most appreciated juices.

For in the days before mentioned in the middle of winter when the days are shorter and the days where the sun floods everything are far away, they appear like oases in the desert an infinity of plants whose reserve is in an onion (bulb) capable of Put poetry on those winter mornings, the greens dye the ground and make us a gift with countless shapes, sizes and magnificent colors. You can see iris, allium, daffodils even a variety of orchids that these days begin to establish their stems, to show in spring their beautiful colors and shapes.

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The keys to a vertical garden

The keys to a vertical garden

At the moment the decoration has no limits and this impels to leave of the known and conventional, to point to more innovative options. This fits both inside a home and the design of its outer space, which is often relegated.

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Decorate the entrance of house

Decorate the entrance of house

Christmas has arrived and with it all the trends of style to achieve a beautiful and harmonious decoration in your home. Both interior and exterior should be dressed for the occasion, and it is not enough to dust off the previous decoration that you keep in the attic.

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