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Decoración navideña para la entrada

Decorate the entrance of house

Christmas has arrived and with it all the trends of style to achieve a beautiful and harmonious decoration in your home. Both interior and exterior should be dressed for the occasion, and it is not enough to dust off the previous decoration that you keep in the attic.

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Ambientes Ambients
ideas para decorar la terraza o el jardín

Bring life to the garden or the terrace

The garden and the terrace are part of all the aesthetics of your home, but unfortunately many people forget them and do not give them the attention and care they deserve, leaving them as an unexplored corner of their home. A beautiful terrace with a well-maintained garden can be the most comfortable meeting point or the quietest place to read, but in order to achieve this, you must take advantage of the design of the garden and use a decoration that emphasizes its attributes.

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