The garden and the terrace are part of all the aesthetics of your home, but unfortunately many people forget them and do not give them the attention and care they deserve, leaving them as an unexplored corner of their home. A beautiful terrace with a well-maintained garden can be the most comfortable meeting point or the quietest place to read, but in order to achieve this, you must take advantage of the design of the garden and use a decoration that emphasizes its attributes.

The key to a good decoration

Lighting is fundamental to bring life to the garden. In the daylight you have the light of the sun and the shadow of the trees, but what happens at night, or when the midday sun overwhelms us? You can place pergolas with vines or awnings to get a covered space, ideal for eating or enjoying the outdoors. And at night, illuminate the trees or some plants with lights coming from below. This indirect light will give a modern touch to the place.

No matter if your terrace is large or small, the important thing is to know how to use the space correctly and use the right furniture to make the most of the area. If you have little space, the furniture with curved lines and light colors, such as coffee tables and beige or white garden chairs, will give you the feeling of being in a bigger place. If instead you have a large terrace, do not be afraid to experiment and use furniture of colors, sizes and modern shapes.

Remember that furniture should always be protected from the sun and rain to prevent damage, but if you really want to leave them outdoors, look for some that are made of sturdy materials and maintenance is easy.

The final touch

You already have the main furniture and adequate lighting, but no terrace is ready until you have plants and decorative objects. If your style is classic and your terrace is spacious, the vases and sculptures will go well with the design of your home. If your tastes are more modern, the walls or water curtains will be the center of attention, and in addition to sound will give a very zen and relaxing.

With regard to gardening go many details into account, to choose the right plants the sun, the water, the layout and orientation of the place influences. The best thing is to do a landscaping work according to the space and thus achieve an oasis in your garden or terrace.

Also these depend on space design, for a minimalist garden the pines can be the central axis of the decoration, and for a modern but small terrace, vertical gardens with vines and ferns that combine textures and colors is ideal.